Why Kinloch

Singular focus

Kinloch Consulting Group was created specifically to help middle market img_15employers effectively address the complex employee benefits challenges they face. It is all we do.

Problem-solving approach

We are a problem-solving company. Kinloch Consulting is a magnet for bright people who approach each situation with a blank slate, a wealth of experience and a high level of enthusiasm and creativity — an approach that translates to better results for you.

The "top priority" service of a local broker, the capabilities and resources of the country’s largest brokers — You get access to world class talent and resources backed by an unparalleled level of service.

Total Transparency

You have the right to know exactly what you are paying for and to work with people whose financial interests don't conflict with your own. That is why we provide full disclosure of our compensation.

No Hand-Offs

The people you meet upfront are the people with whom you continue to work.

100% Accountability

Each member of your team is measured and rewarded based on the results he or she delivers to you. We stand ready to be held accountable for the quality and cost efficiency of the programs we recommend and the service we provide — no excuses.

No Barriers

There are no financial or structural obstacles to prevent our people from tapping into the full power of the organization. Your team is selected based on your needs, not ours.

Transactional Excellence

Our approach guarantees that the same level of energy and expertise that goes into developing your strategy, goes into implementing and servicing your business.

We Answer Only To Our Clients And Ourselves

As a privately-held company, we are free to concentrate our energies on the tasks that yield the greatest value to you.

Corporate Courage

Translation: Always do what's right, not what's expedient or easy. This is a mandate we live by, not just when it's convenient, but 100% of the time.